Mt.Sinai Christian Camp

Established 2006

About the Campus

Mt. Sinai Christian Camp was founded in 2006 in Mauche, Kenya. We held lectureships, seminars, preaching classes and more for then people of the area, but we always planned to do more. In 2009 Mt. Sinai Christian Academy opened. Nothing has been the same since! We believe that EVERY child deserves to have an education, no matter where they live. The students at Mt. Sinai get a full education. We offer classes from grades Kindergarten to eighth. Some students go onto University and two have even returned afterwards to teach with us. Obviously, we were thrilled to have alumni come back and work with us!

Our campus consists of four classroom buildings, an administrates office, a medical building, a dining hall complete with a kitchen, a chapel and four bathrooms. We are so thankful that God has blessed us with the means to have this much and we only hope to grow.

A good education is dire for any child’s future and we strive to set the children at our school up for a bright future by loving them and enriching them during their time with us.

At this time we have roughly 300 students registered with us and we hope to have many more in the future. Our 21 teachers and school faculty are all faithful church goers that love the Lord and these precious children. We are so thankful for each and everyone one of them.

Head Directors

Brother Richard and Brother Geoffery are our Operational Directors over both Mt.Sinai Christian Camp and the Academy. We are very, very thankful for them. In addition to all the work that he does at the school and camp, he also preaches at the local Church that worships in the Chapel on campus. We are greatly indebted to these fine Christian Brethren, who for the most part, give of their time overseeing the daily operation of the camp and school. A great deal of time and effort is required in order to keep the school and camp running in a successful manner. Richard is married to a wonderful woman named Ann and they have five boys ranging from teenagers all the way to a two year old! Last year after much work Brother Richard graduated from a university in his area and we were so happy to watch him succeed. In addition to these brethren, there are several others who also donate much of their time assisting these brethren, as well. In addition, we have some of the most faithful and dedicated teachers, along with other staff members, that we could ever hope to have. They are the backbone of the Christian Academy. We soon will have, on campus, a medical clinic that will also be overseen by Richard and Geoffrey.


The Effects of


In 2020, just like all the other schools across the world, we chose to put our staff and students first and close our school doors for a while. But as the spread began to slow, and vaccines became available, we slowly began to open our doors. We were still mindful, however, just how important it would be to take all the necessary precautions we could to keep everyone healthy. Even then, our attendance dropped. Many children’s parents were out of a job and could no longer afford to pay for their children’s schooling. With attendance down, we are $23,000 behind our budget. If you could give anything, we would be very grateful. This is a wonderful opportunity to help us prepare children not only for this life but for the one to come as well.

So…How Can You Help?

In order to run Mt.Sinai Christian Academy and Bible Camp it costs $2,000. If you can, your help would be appreciated beyond measure. Without your financial support this would not be possible. And please, don’t forget to pray that God will bless our work and open new opportunities for us to spread the gospel!