World Mission Radio

Bring Christ to the World and the World to Christ.

Meet our Founders

James and Barbara Jones have been missionaries for over forty years. They are 1969 graduates of the former Sunset School Of Preaching in Lubbock, TX. Their first mission work was in Watertown, NY.  James served as pulpit minister for congregations located in New York, Georgia, Illinois, and Tennessee for a number of years. He also, taught in the Great Commission School in Nashville, TN for about 13 years.

They were among the first to enter the country of Albania to assist in the establishment of the first congregation of the Lord’s Church in Tirana. Later they moved to the city of Progdec, and then to Korche establishing other works. Today there are several congregations of the Lord’s Church in Albania.

James has also held Gospel meetings and lectured in several states here in the states.  In 1998 he and Barbara joined a radio work that ultimately took them to Africa, Philippines, Hawaii. Since being in Africa they have helped established Mission of Love Children’s Home and Mt Sinai Bible Camp and Christian Academy. They have assisted many congregations in Kenya and Malawi, as well.

James & Barbara Jones

In 2009 James established World Mission Radio that has proven to be a tremendous work. Currently they are broadcasting in Spanish and the programs can be heard in all of the Latin American Countries, most of the U.S. and parts of Canada. They are also broadcasting in English in all of the UK which includes all of Scotland, England, North Ireland and Ireland. Recently they have begun broadcasting in Asia with a potential listening audience of more than four Billion.

Through their efforts the Gospel has been preached to many nations of the world and untold thousands have heard and thousands have obeyed. Only eternity will tell the great good being done through these efforts. Plans are to begin an on line live Internet interactive Bible training school in the near future. This will be some of the first training of this type on the Internet, among our brethren.

How Can I Help?


World Mission Radio is a non-profit Christian-based organization, there are many ways you could give us some much appreciated help.


  •  Pray for this project. We believe that prayer is a powerful tool. If you are unable to aid us financially, or even if you are. Please keep us, as well as the Children at Mission of Love Children’s Home, and our other missionaries on ground across Eastern Africa, in your prayers.
  • Give a one-time contribution. Please do not doubt for a second that your contribution would make a difference, no matter how small. We are a non-profit and are trying to help as many people as we can. In light of Covid-19, things have become even more difficult. Every donation, no matter how small, will go to good use, whether for medical bills for orphans or repairing some of our missionaries homes from natural disasters such as flooding.
  • Contribute Monthly. We have been blessed that a few of our supporters are able to contribute monthly. If you are able please prayerfully consider helping us with this work.
  • Help purchase equipment or necessary supplies. You can reach out to us at to see if there are any supplies that we are in need of whether for the orphanage, school, or broadcasting equipment.
  • Become a camp teacher or worker. There is little in this world that is more rewarding than being a missionary in action. To be face-to-face with those you are helping and see first hand what their needs are. Again, if you are member of the Church of Christ and are interested, please contact James E Jones at
  • Spread the Word! Tell others about this great work. You may not be in a place where you can help us but perhaps your friend, family member, or church can!

One hundred percent of all donations go directly towards the work being done at World Mission Radio.

Please make all of your financial donations payable to James E Jones, Missions Fund

Earmarked: World Mission Radio

Mail to: World Mission Radio Intl, Inc.
 7012 City Center Way #231
Fairview, TN 37062

Our Missionaries in Eastern Africa

Brother Lawrence:

Mission of Love Children’s Home and Preacher

Sister Rose

Aids Brother Lawrence with running the Children’s Home

Brother Richard:

Director of Mt. Sinai Bible Camp and Academy and Preacher

Brother Steven

Preacher and Missionary

Brother Konga

Missionary and Preacher

Brother Joseph

Helps Brother Lawrence with mission