June 2021

So Much To Report!

But let me begin by saying we truly thank you for parterning with us, especially in this very difficult time of a world wide crisis. In spite of COVID-19, our work has not slowed down even though many brethren, with whom we are working, are truly suffering but thus far have been able to survive. We have assisted some who were truly desperate even of food for their families. Some have reported they are hard pressed to find even one meal per day. We are grateful to all who have sent extra support for the food relief program. One couple, good friends and long time supporters, sent their entire stimulus check for our teachers at Mt. Sinai Christian Academy and one congregation sent extra funds for the Orphans who had almost depleted the food supply on hand. There is a real shortage of food and the cost has more than doubled in price and some times even tripled.

In addition to the COVID-19 situation there have been other national crisis due to flooding and the Locus eating everything in sight. Needless to say, it has been a very trying time for the brethren in Africa and it is not over yet. We are asking for your continued prayers and support for these much needed and deserving Christians, in Africa

Meet The Brothers!

Our new additions to the Mission Of Love Childrens Home, in Africa. We are pleased to announce that the home was able to accept these two brothers, Joesph and Emmanuel, after the state brought them to the home as they had become Orphans due to losing their parents in recent flood waters. They are also happy to be there and didn’t want to be placed anywhere else. One of them has some health problems which will require special attention with proper diet and medical attention but otherwise they are healthy and doing good. The state brought others recently but due to a number of situations at the home they were unable to accept them. We are in need of additional support for Joseph and Emmanuel, approximately $25.00 each per month should any one receiving this be interested in assisting. We are grateful to those who continue supporting the Orphan Children and just know that you are making life a lot better for these children by your prayers and support.
The COVID-19 situation, at the home, continues to be a real threat but thus far there has been no one infected, However, we are really in need of a thermometer in order to test the children three times per day, as the state is requesting. The cost is approximately $150.00 and is available should we be able to get the funds.
I am privileged to inform you that the two boys were brought here by the government, after the floods, flooded their house and went with everything including their parents, the flood had; swept away everything but luckily enough the neighbors rescued the children miraculously. The children remained with the neighbors who also by that time had no place to put their head, the loss of animals, hens, bedding and beds, people’s lives, parents were found in the lake and were buried near the lake. The two boys are now total orphans and need assistance. I now appeal to anybody who may assist them with anything God may bless you with. Thanks. Lawrence.
The COVID-19 has caused a problem in Kenya and the whole World and has put the economy of every Country at risk; in Kenya we have an increase of about 300 patients in 24hrs. In three months we are now counting over 7,000 cases and still the Country in lock down. The prices of food, clothes, medical and etc. have really increased. I take this opportunity to thank our supporters for the extra funds we received this month and can tell you used the money to buy 90kg of dry maize, 50 kg of sugar, 50 kg of rice 1 sack of beans, 20 kg of green grams, 25 sacks of charcoal, 1 bale of corn flour, 5 boxes of milk and transport. I kept some for buying meat, vegetables, fish etc. I really salute Brother James and Barbara Jones and our supporters for hearing our request and give the extra funds. Thanks. God bless you.
Brother Lawrence Okongo.

Great News To Be Reported!

The following is a message I just received from a dear Brother in Christ in Kenya. We have know Brother William and his family for many years and have known of his great work. He is a very dedicated, hard worker in the Lord’s Church and almost always with no finical support, at all. We have assisted him at different times on a one time basis but he is very worthy of support and in dire need, as well. Please help him if you can through World Mission Radio.

Hello James E. Jones,

I greet you in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.I hope you are doing well.We thank you for teaching us the truth.We still continue to teach the whole gospel of christ. We thank you for your sacrificial relief support.it has really helped us during the Covid 19 pandemic financial hardships.

From its humble beginning  of Simat Church of Christ in rural Kenya have been spreading the gospel of Christ in rural communities as expressed in the new testament teachings-to win souls for christ and edifications of the saints.The lords work has been successful in evangelism, establishing new testament congregations and restorations.We also strengthened the weaker and young churches within ourselves.

However, in the year 2017 to February 2020.The five sound congregations of the Lords Church in our communities organized themselves for joint worship and leadership training seminars each month through out the year. We worked together but each congregation is autonomous as per new testament teachings. During the seminar trainings, we seek experienced, sound and faithful preachers to conduct the trainings but a topic to be taught was selected by the church leaders. It is here that our church leaders of five congregations began to evangelize one area at a time whereby it became very effective method of evangelism.

Things started changing on March 2020 because of Covid 19 pandemic where the government of Kenya announced the closing of all church meetings. As this happened I have encouraged our members to meet at their homes for worship while I make follow up through phone messages as many of our members are not accessible to the modern technology of internet.I also visit those who experienced hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic  and to pray with them while partaking the Lords table each Sunday. We look forward to the government to open the church meetings soon. I attached a photo showing my visit last Sunday where i visited a mother who is a member of Simat C of C who has been sick for long time with arthritis. I went there to worship with her and partake the Lord’s table with them. I also assisted her to buy maize and sugar from what you sent me. They thank you so much.
We request your encouragement and prayers.
in his loving service, William

Hello bro James, sister Barbara and brethren in Christ through World Mission Radio Network International. Hope this finds you all doing great as we do here in Africa, Kenya. This month we have been having lots of rain though it has not stopped activities around the camp and church as follows;

The church is progressing WELL here in Mauche despite the covid_19 pandemic. We resorted to home-based worship of approximately 10 people to comply with the safety measures of the virus. We have seen fruits as 4 have been added to the body of Christ through baptism. (pictures herewith attached). Let’s keep praying for more baptisms in the near future. 

Though the school is closed due to this pandemic, we are happy that you brethren stood with our hardworking and dedicated team of teachers through your support in terms of paying them half of their salaries. Through our headteacher, Mr. Samuel Sang, receive their heartfelt gratitude for remembering them during this challenging period. Without you brethren, they could not meet their basic needs. You are just wonderful people in our brotherhood! Keep it up. Again thanks.

We have delivered most of the materials with funds we received recently,( pictures attached). We had a great challenge on delivering sand but we managed to bring one load today on the site but lorry got stuck near the entrance as it delivered the second, as it has rained. Hope we are ready to start with availed materials as soon as we get the remaining amount. Thanks for your generosity, God bless you abundantly. 

As you may have checked online. We are having 3000+ infections and several deaths County-wide. The number might be more than this due to the scarcity of testing machines. Several cases have been reported in Nakuru town of late. Thanks to that we haven’t heard any infections around Mauche but the effects that this pandemic has caused us are severe economically. Life is becoming more and more difficult every day among the people in the neighborhood here and with brethren. Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers as we do the same here. 
Lastly, may I again thank you brethren for all that you are doing for Lord’s work here in Africa through World Mission Radio Network International headed by our able brother, James Jones.