Radio Programs

Our African program is broadcasted from Radio Sahara in Kisumu, Kenya. We run the hour-long programs two times a week, which costs fifty dollars. The programs themselves consist of around thirty to forty minutes of teaching, followed by a question and answer session afterward. Listeners can call in if they have a question and can get a real-time answer.

Our Indonesian program is very effective. Not only are we able to reach the people of Indonesia, but we are also able to broadcast to parts of China as well. This is very significant because of the climate in China towards almost all religions.

We also have a Spanish program. It broadcast to all of Latin America, as well as most of the United States and parts of Canada. We are so thankful and excited to cover such a large range and know that many people are benefiting from it.

A Sample Radio Program


We hope you listen to and enjoy this quick 15 minute program! We plan to make many more available on this website in the future.

Main text- Mark 11:22


I am a Missionary…


I am a missionary.

I am being used of God to go into all the world

and preach the gospel to every creature.

I have a tremendous task.


I am a missionary; yet the weakness of the body

does not slow me down.

I never get a headache.

I never have a cold.

I never get tired.


I am a missionary that knows no barriers.

I can reach into the homes of the rich and poor,

into the respectable homes and into the places of ill repute.


The race or creed of man does not restrain me.

Bars are not a barrier to me,

nor are the curtains of iron or bamboo.


I am a welcomed missionary.

Homes are open to me that would never be open to a preacher.

Ears will hear my message eagerly,

though they would never go to an evangelical church.


I am an educated missionary.

I speak the language perfectly.

I speak so the professional can understand,

as well as the uneducated.

I can approach every person

on his level of understanding.


I am an effective missionary.

I can reach more people at one time

that Paul reached in a lifetime.

I can cover more territory with the Gospel

in fifteen minutes than the average missionary could ever cover in many months.


I am man-made…but God-sent!