July 2020

Reports From The Field!

Report From Mt. Sinai Christian Academy and Bible Camp
By: Brother Richard

I trust this finds everyone there doing well as we are here, at Mt. Sinai Christian Academy and Bible Camp. July has been a long, busy, cold month. The summary of the report is as follows;

Nationally, as you may have heard, the number of infections and deaths has increased tremendously. This may be due to easing some of the measures to control the spread, eg lock down in Hotspot areas. Locally we have not experienced, any problem apart from Egerton, Njoro and Nakuru towns which has reported several cases. People live in tension. We need your prayers at this time of hardship. It has paralyzed economy among our brethren. Most families are living from hand to mouth basis. Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers.

I’m happy to inform you that we had 4 baptisms in different places, I managed to take a photo of one (herewith attached) and the other 3 nobody had a camera to take while being baptized and I was away to kisumu. We have started attending worship services in the the church as we observe measures laid down by the government to curb the disease. Also, thanks for your support, to buy digital thermometer for the church and school when it opens in January 2021. This will be of great help. Again thanks very much for your concern and help.

As you can see in the pictures, it’s only finishing key joints outside. This has been delayed a bit due to health issues of our Mason who experienced.(pneumonia) Hope he shall recover completely soon to finish it. Thanks for your support for building this up. God bless you abundantly.
We began working on the dinning hall a long time ago and it is a joy to report it is finished, Well almost. The building is completed but we still like dinning tables and benches to be built. It isn’t possible to purchase the type folding tables and chairs we have here therefore we are planning to construct regular picnic tables and benches. We also are in need of furnishing the kitchen with 3 boiler and utensils for cooking. Perhaps some of you would like to take this as one of your projects. (James)

Above mentioned girl(picture attached seated with red jacket) is one of our pupils in kindergarten. Her parents, Augustin and Jalody are our dedicated hardworking teachers in Mt Sinai Christian Academy. The girl was diagnosed with epilepsy in May this year. We are trying to raise hospital bill funds to help this wonderful child updated on all medications as it is a costly process. Please tell our brethren to remember this girl in their thoughts and prayers. Thanks

Report From The Children’s Home

Dear Brother James,

Kenya is experiencing high increase of the Corona Virus and it may result in Total Lockdown very soon, In our children home we are not left behind in supporting the government in putting measures to prevent this disease, In our home we have united with the government to create awareness in our community. We also, have followed some government guideline to protect our children from the disease, and all this have come successful because of brother James Jones, and others 1) Thermometer, it helps me to measures the temperature of the children every morning and evening and at any time any child fall sick. 2 )Masks, you can see some are wearing masks some are not the ones without masks are the ones we are helping to get masks. There are a big number in the community who are still in need of mask. 3) The UNICEF provided for us hand washing tins, 4) You can see me in government uniform helping the vulnerable children who cannot protect themselves. On the other hand you can see me with our children here every body wearing masks. Thanks to almighty God for helping giving us this life, we pray for brother James Jones and his wife Barbara Jones for their sacrifice day and night for the Survival of this OVCs. We still in need of masks and sanitizers. Thanks, God bless you. Lawrence

Report From Brother Stephens

Thank you for your letter together with the newsletter, i have sent the photos of a the house my wife and I stay. I need your prayer because the rain has destroyed it and it is almost falling down. Greet your family May the Almighty God bless you.


Brother Stephen, and I go way back as I have worked with him and his son for several years. Barbara and I have visited them on different occasions and know for sure his house and living conditions are very bad. On one occasion when we visited them we could not even get to their house for the water and mud. Brother Stephens works with any support except what we are able to assist them with from time to time. I was able to visit with he and his on another occasion and we visited the jail where they have a tremendous work in progress. The situation at the jail was truly deplorable men dressed in striped clothing setting on the ground as there was no other place for them to set. I was able to speak for about an hour telling them of the good news of Jesus Christ and the one true Church of the Bible. We also were able to help Brother Stephens on a one time basis in purchasing a plot for their church building. In addition to this Brother Stephen has been very instrumental in helping teach, baptism, and teach and establish congregations among the Pokot Tribe in Northern Kenya. We have also assisted him in these efforts as well. To my knowledge he is the first missionary from the Lord’s Church to work there.
He is a very dedicated hard worker in the service and Kingdom of our God. We truly covet your prayers and support for this fine soldier of the cross.

Radio Evangelism!

The radio programs continue to reach multitudes around the world as we are now broadcasting in about five different languages. Swahili being the latest to begin broadcasting in. This is truly a tremendous one hour program and reaching untold thousands in Africa. Brother Lawrence, and Brother Joseph, are the featured speakers and host for the call-in portion of the program. Such response has not been seen from any program in recent times. People from all different religious groups are calling asking for further teaching. There has been several conversion from this already. Then, the first Sunday of each month I produce a thirty min. portion of the program in English and the listening audience is huge. Again, people are responding from many different parts of the county, and other countries as well. The program airs each Lord’s Day from 7:00 – 8:00 am then again on Sunday afternoon,
as the station offers this time with no cost to us.

Great response is also seen in all other programs that are being aired in different languages and in different parts of the world. We are broadcasting both in Short Wave and F M on several of these programs.

We are truly grateful that the Lord of Host has opened these great wide open doors of opportunities for us to proclaim the Gospel to untold millions around the world.

Your continued prayers and support for these programs are greatly needed and appreciated. Together we are making a world of difference in a different world.
Thank you,
James E. Jones