1. Share about how you like to serve Christ and encourage your child that even they can serve Christ through the smallest things!


2. Remind your child that they are loved by Christ and by you and that they are made in the image of God.


3. Tell them about an outing you had or a trip you took. If you went to the beach or somewhere scenic, you could even share a picture you took!


4. Share about a holiday or Birthday you celebrated and ask them about the holidays they celebrate.


5. Share simple stories! Maybe about your pet, kids, or grandchildren!


6. Talk about the weather or what it is like where you live.


7. Encourage your child to message you back!


8. Ask simple questions.



1. Do not discuss things like material wealth with your child. (your economic status and things of that nature.)


2. Do not ask your child for personal information


3. Do not share your personal information with your child.


All in all, please use common sense on what is and isn’t appropriate to discuss with these children. We are all Christians and should act as such. Thank you.